Hat Blocking ABC

How to take care of your hat blocks

All our hat blocks have a lacquer finish to protect the wood. The top surface is covered with 2-3 layers of water resistant lacquer, the reverse side is covered with one layer of lacquer for easy pinning.  Nevertheless you should remember some simple steps to keep your hat blocks in good condition.

1) Before blocking a hat always cover your hat block with cling film or a polyethylene plastic bag; this will prevent water, stiffener, glue or other substances damaging the surface of the hat block;


2) After you have removed the blocked shape from the hat block, remove the cling film and leave the hat block in a cool and dry place to “breathe”;


3) As wood is a natural material, it is also sensitive to quick changes in temperature and humidity; this may lead to cracks in the hat block;


4) Be careful not to drop your hat block; one small fall to the ground will not damage it, but several repeated falls may lead to cracks in the hat block;


5) If you want your hat block to serve you long and well, use special, thin millinery pins; avoid using those thick pins for cork bulletin boards, as these will leave large holes;


6) The smaller the hat block the shorter will it’s lifespan be, especially when using inappropriate, e.g. too thick pins that leave big holes.


Hat blocks can last a lifetime if only you take good care of them!