We are a small family business. She – the creative mind and spokesperson. He – the magic hands that turn every idea into a masterpiece. Oh, and yes, there are also two little ones who keep inspiring them both.

The idea about this workshop came when she started to work on her first millinery pieces and decided to get some wood hat blocks. He then offered to polish up his carpenter skills and made the first set of pillbox blocks. Every next block he made was even better. And so it began – their family business “Easy Hat Blocks”.

We call our blocks “easy” because of the simple and elegant shapes and because they are so easy to use.

We offer  a wide range of quality blocks…from traditional cloches to porkpies to lovely fascinators. All beautifully handmade. Perfect for the novice milliner just beginning his/her journey or the experienced milliner looking to rediscover timeless craftsmanship.

Have fun, enjoy hat blocking and spread the love for this old craftsmanship – millinery!