Hat Blocking ABC

How to use a ribbon block for hat making

A ribbon block is a must-have millinery tool if you want to create those perfect, smooth wrinkle-free ribbon covered brim edges. This useful hat making tool will take your hats to a new level of perfection.

IMPORTANT – please make sure that the petersham ribbon is made from natural fibres like cotton, viscose etc. Ribbons that contain synthetic fibres (polyester etc.) will not hold the curved shape. 


Once you have selected the ribbon you would like to shape dampen it with a wet cloth from both sides. Fold the ribbon in half over the edge of the block and pin it to the block. Then stretch the ribbon around the edge of the block (pull it slightly as you curve it around the block) and pin the other end of the ribbon as well. If you need a longer ribbon for the brim of your hat you can wrap the ribbon around once more (over the first layer of the ribbon). Remember that it is always wise to leave some extra length so that you can cut away the ends with the pin holes.



You can remove the ribbon from the block once it is dry and use it for covering brim edges or alternatively it can also be used for other trimming details – edges of bows, straw/ felt ribbons etc.

This block can be used to shape not only petersham ribbon but also bias fabric bindings. Remember that also the fabric has to be made of natural fibres (cotton, silk, viscose, thin wool fabric).

We hope that this post will help you master this useful millinery tool! You can purchase your ribbon block here.